Quick Answer: How Much Does Papa John’S Pay For Mileage?

Do Papa John’s delivery drivers pay for gas?

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They compensate you for gas millage and you make minimum wage while in the store.

When out on deliveries they drop your pay to $4.25 per hour..

Do you have to pay for your own gas pizza delivery?

FALSE. The delivery fee is constant from chain to chain, but rarely does the entire fee go to the driver. Usually the business itself takes the fee in order to cover driver expenses, such as paying for a portion of their gas, or other related expenses specific to the delivery driver position itself (insurance, etc).

Is it worth it to be a pizza delivery driver?

if all you need is extra cash, even 50 bucks a shift is more than worth it. just make sure that where ever you work, you get the delivery fee. that will be the best bet to make sure you make a decent amount of money at the end of the day. the average delivery fee is 2 bucks give or take.

Do pizza drivers make good money?

The average income for a delivery driver in the U.S. is $13.77 per hour. … In addition to their hourly wage, many pizza delivery drivers also earn tips from each delivery and receive reimbursement from the restaurant for mileage and gas if they use their own vehicle to make deliveries.

Does Papa John’s pay for college?

Papa John’s is making a special delivery for its employees: free college tuition. The Louisville, Kentucky-headquartered pizza chain is offering to pay 100 percent of tuition for undergraduate and graduate online degree programs for its 20,000 employees.

Do pizza delivery drivers get paid for mileage?

Gas Compensation. Legally, you must be compensated for mileage when you’re using your own car for deliveries. Most employers use the IRS business mileage standard rate as their guideline — it currently stipulates 58 cents per mile. Drivers should be making at least that amount per mile during working hours.

Is Papa John’s a good job?

I really love working for Papa John’s. Its a great enviroment, the staff in all the papa John’s I’ve worked with have been great. They really work around your school schedule or any family emergency. The pay is decent and the job is incredible easy and fun to do.

Do you get paid for training at Papa John’s?

Current and previous Papa John’s employees may not have been compensated for time they spent doing online training, according to a statement from Dallas-based law firm Baron & Budd, which also said it would conduct an investigation. … The training programs included quizzes and modules created by the corporation.

Do Papa John employees get free pizza?

You get a small discount, and on occasion you’ll get free pizza, but it’s usually if it’s something nobody picked up after a few hours and it would be thrown away anyway. This also depends on your management and their rules on abandoned orders.

Does Papa John’s get paid weekly?

Pay is biweekly. The pay is biweekly at papa johns. But you do go home with tips every night.

Do Papa John’s employees get discounts?

The employee discount is for 50% off the menu price.

Does Papa John’s get holiday pay?

No holidays are paid. … There are no paid holidays.

How does Papa John’s pay their drivers?

Delivery drivers receive a combination of tips, minimum wage, servers wage, mileage reimbursement and small bonus checks for safe driving. Instore staff receive minimum wage or just above depending on management. Papa Johns was and will remain fully operational during Covid-19.

What is Papa John’s starting pay?

Papa John’s Pizza Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAveragePizza Cook / Chef / MakerRange:$7 – $11Average:$9General Manager, RestaurantRange:$9 – $18Average:$13Restaurant ManagerRange:$9 – $16Average:$12Restaurant Assistant ManagerRange:$8 – $14Average:$113 more rows

How much do Papa John’s delivery drivers make a week?

In traditionally part-time positions, most delivery drivers work 20 to 30 hours a week. Holidays and major sporting events may facilitate more and longer shifts per week. Papa John’s delivery drivers may work late into the night. Experienced Papa John’s delivery drivers earn $10.00 to $15.00 an hour including tips.

How much do you tip Papa John’s delivery guy?

How Much to Tip Pizza And Other Food Delivery Drivers. For delivery orders of $20 or less, it is customary to offer a minimum tip of $3. For any amount over $20, tip 10 to 15% but never less than $5.

How much do Mcdonalds get paid?

According to Glassdoor, the average crew member salary at McDonald’s is $9 per hour, with a range of $7 to $13; that’s compared to the national average fast food crew member salary of $8.33 per hour. McDonald’s cashiers, on the other hand, take home an average $8 per hour, with a range of $7 to $15.

Which pizza delivery pays the most?

Which Companies Pay Pizza Delivery Drivers The Most?Pizza Hut. Salary Range29k – 35k$33k$32,517.Missouri State University. Salary Range23k – 31k$27k$27,193.Domino’s Pizza. Salary Range22k – 31k$27k$26,594.Papa John’s Pizza. Salary Range22k – 29k$26k$25,751.Marco’s Pizza. … American Pizza Partners Lp. … PacPizza.